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Green Finance: Making the Transition to a Climate-Resilient Future
A Digital Future: Financial Services and the Generation Game




New Communication With Public Sector Workers: Challenges and Rewards

For administrators of public sector retirement plans, benefits communications and financial education is a necessity that only grows with time. Gone are the days when word of mouth in the coffee room would be sufficient to instill in younger workers a sense of the value in their benefits. Gone too, in most systems, are the days when a pension might fill all of their financial needs. Instead, public workers engage with multiple benefits options, and they need financial knowledge and tools to build a secure retirement.

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M&A in a changing world: Opportunities amidst disruption


Briefing paper: Third-Party Risks: The cyber dimension

Corporate treasury is now a top target for cyber-criminals. Treasury’s trove of personal and corporate data, its authority to make payments and move large amounts of cash quickly, and its often complicated structure make it an appealing choice for discerning fraudsters.

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Corporate treasurer viewpoints: George Zinn at Microsoft in the USA

Please watch George Zinn, Corporate Vice President and Treasurer, at Microsoft in the USA, share his views on the risks and opportunities of third-parties and cyber security. 

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Green Fintech Catapult

The day of the MiFID II

Financial regulatory reform in uncertain times

No rest for the weary

A decade on from the global financial crisis, are policymakers and regulators starting to tire of imposing a seemingly endless drip-feed of new rules on financial services firms? With his regular warnings on the dangers of “reform fatigue”, Financial Stability Board (FSB) chairman Mark Carney certainly appears to think so.

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Third-Party Risks: The Cyber Dimension

Executives were drawn from 19 different sectors, including aerospace/defence, agriculture and agribusiness, automotive, chemicals, construction and real estate, consumer goods, education, energy and natural resources, entertainment, media and publishing, financial services, government/public sector, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, IT and technology, logistics and distribution, manufacturing, professional services, retailing, telecommunications, transport, travel and tourism.

Infographic: Third-Party Risks: The Cyber Dimension

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